Antiquariat Hohmann -
Ricardo, David: Economic Essays. Edited with Introductory Essay and Notes by E. C. K. Gonner.

London, Bell, 1926. XXXVI 315 S., Ln.   #26591   EUR ***

The High Price of Bullion (1811). Reply to Mr. Bosanquets Practical Oberservations on the Report of the Bullion Committee (1811). Proposals for an economical and secure Currency with Observations on the Profits of the Bank of England as they regard the Public and the Proprietors of Bank Stock (1816). An Essay on the Influence of a low Price of Corn on the Profits of Stock shewing the Inexpediency of Restrictions on Importations with Remarks on Mr. Malthus's two last Publications (1815). On Protection to Agriculture (1822).

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