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Carey, H(enry) C(harles): Principles of Political Economy. Part the First: Of the Laws of Production and Distribution of Wealth; Part the Second: Of the Causes which retard Increase in the Production of Wealth, and Improvement in the Physical and Moral Condition of Man; Part the Third: Of the Causes which retard Increase in the Numbers of Mankind; Part the Fourth: Of the Causes which retard Improvement in the Political Condition of Man.
Philadelphia, Carey, Lea & Blanchard, 1837-1840. XVI 342; VI (9)-466; (5) 270 S., 4 Tle. in 3 Bdn.,
gr.okt., Ln., etw. bestoßen, tls. (st.) stockfl.

Einaudi 888. Goldsmiths 29768. Kress C4326. - Erste Ausgabe.

[ Wirtschaftswissenschaft Volkswirtschaft SpracheGB A| Carey, Henry Charles
J| 1837 N| Henry Charles Carey / Carey Henry ; Principles of Political Economy

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